Voice Control

If you are having trouble using the voice command functionality, there are certain points to note:

  • The accent features heavily in how the voice is detected. By default this is "American", but you can change this to British, Australian, or Indian accents via the settings.
  • VeraMate matches the name of the device as spoken, with what is in your list. This then requires that your spelling is correct. If something is not being triggered, try checking the spelling VeraMate detects, and change your device appropriately.


There are 2 main reasons why you may not see your iBeacon.

  1. Apple require you to authorize an app to use such functionality - please ensure you have enabled location services and background app refresh from within apples settings - also you will need to make sure your bluetooth is enabled.
  2. It is also possible you haven't specified the correct UUID - you will need to double check this is correct for your iBeacon.


VeraMate attempts to have a mix between minimizing battery usage, while still atempting to get an accurate, and timely location after you activate a fence. Version 8.7 will allow better control over this usage (via the settings), however, if you are still finding GeoFencing isn't working, try these following tips:

  1. Ensure that you have enabled location services and background app refresh in Apple's settings.
  2. Enabling WiFi actually allows better location detection by using more of the WiFi signals around you.
  3. Try increasing or decreasing the range of the GeoFence - this could help by allowing the fence to try and activate sooner or later.
  4. GPS works by using satelite signals, so if you are inside, your iPhone will be unable to tell VeraMate exactly where you are.