How do I setup VeraMate?
VeraMate takes the configuration directly from your Vera unit. When you setup Vera you will add devices and rooms. Once this is done, simply login with VeraMate, and you will see all your devices.
How do I customize the controls?
You are able to customize certain icons in VeraMate. The room icons can be changed to any number of preset icons included with VeraMate, or you can choose from your own photos.

6.0 now brings the ability to have full control over how your devices appear. Change each of your lights on/off icons for example, or set the image of a scene to turn off your tv. The choice is yours !

What is an Icon Package, and how do I create one?

Also new in 6.0 are "Icon Packages". These let you download a group of icons you can use in VeraMate to assign to any icon and state that you wish.

Currently they are extremely simple to create - simply zip up a group of png/jpg files with no directory structure. This may be extended in the future to enhance the functionality.

If you would like these to appear in VeraMate's list of community driven packages, please contact us for review.

Does VeraMate use local Wifi or internet?
VeraMate uses smart logic to determine when to swtich between wifi and internet, so you never need to worry what is it using, or manually changing the network. If you do wish to know however, under settings/vera box, you can see what VeraMate is on.
Where can I get z-wave devices for my Vera?
Many stores are available that provide z-wave compatible devices. If you're looking for a great selection, we would recommend popping over to Vesternet which have one of the best selections on the web we've seen.