Warning: Some users are experiencing a problem with alerts at the moment. A BETA is being prepared to fix this issue - if you would like access, please send support diagnostics from within the app (setting/contacts) to confirm and request.
Terms and Conditions
  • Premium users have unlimited push notifications which will be goverened by an acceptable use policy. VeraMate reserves the right to limit this service if it is being abused.
  • VeraMate Free users are limited to 2 push notifications per day.
  • Apple's push notifications are not guaranteed by Apple - VeraMate accepts no responsability for failure to receive a message.
  • Usage of VeraMate Alerts imply acceptance of these terms.
Privacy Policy
What information does VeraMate record, how is it used, and how long is it stored?
  • VeraMate has a strict privacy policy - absolutely no customer information is shared with 3rd parties. A database may be stored on 3rd party servers controlled purely by VeraMate, details below.
  • Information stored in VeraMate's database will only be used for the purposes of program functionality, which may be turned off by the user at any time.
  • Data will be stored for up to 10 days, after which time it will be purged.
  • The only personal identifying information which will be recorded will be the username, and the vera serial.
Setting up push notifications
Note: Don't get confused as there are 2 plugins involved here. One from VeraMate (VeraMate Alerts Plugin), and one from a thirdparty (Vera Alerts) which hooks into Vera's notification system.
There are 4 steps required to setup VeraMate Alerts.
1) Install the VeraMate Alerts Plugin on your vera.
2) On the VeraMate Alerts Plugin, specify the username you will wish to receive alerts - this can be comma delimited, and use "guest" if logged in as guest. (Done forget to press "change user").
3) Open VeraMate, and under settings/alerts, enable push notifications.
4) Lastly, you will need to tell your Vera how to notify you. That can be done 2 different ways:
  • VeraMate is able to work with the plugin VeraAlerts. This is the simplest way - simply specify a notification by using the notification tab in the Vera web UI.
  • Alternatively you are able to add some "LUUP" code to any device or scene. This enables greater flexibility as you are also able to specify which device the notification belongs to.
This FAQ is a work in progress, and more details will be being added over the coming days!
Push Notifications - VeraAlerts Setup
  1. Install VeraAlerts.
  2. In your Vera web UI, in the VeraAlerts settings, switch to the Profiles tab.
  3. Select "Plugin-Forwarding" from the drop down
  4. In the fields, add the following:
    ForwardedPluginDeviceID : [The device ID of your VeraMate Plugin (this can be found in the settings screen of the plugin and is usually a 2 digit number]
    ServiceID : urn:veramate-com:serviceId:VeraMatePN
    Action : SendAlert
    DefaultArgs : Msg="{Message}"
  5. In the settings tab, select this profile for your default recipients
You may now enable notifications through the web UI for any device you wish to be notified on if you haven't done already.
Push Notifications - LUUP code
For more advanced users, you may use the following LUUP code to send a message to VeraMate.
luup.call_action("urn:veramate-com:serviceId:VeraMatePN", "SendAlert", 
	{Msg = "My Message"}, [deviceid])
where deviceID is the device ID of the VeraMate Plugin.
Optionally, you may also specify the device ID of the device being alerted on, which will then appear in VeraMate showing the correct icon. Please append "DeviceId" to your payload, such as
luup.call_action("urn:veramate-com:serviceId:VeraMatePN", "SendAlert", 
	{Msg = "Front Door Opened", AlertedDeviceId = "40"}, [deviceid])
More details of this will be forthcoming. Support will hopefully also be enabled in the future to specify different preselected sounds (Apple does not easily allow customization of which sounds to play per APP).
Troubleshooting Push Notifications
  • Make sure you have allowed push notifications on your iPhone/iPad
More to come!