11.6 (Released Jan 10, 2017)

  • Correctly show thermostat state on buttons. Idle, heating and cooling should now be properly reflected (White, Red, Blue).
  • Ability to apply button themes to lists via settings/themes.
  • Fix bug affecting the use of Swedish voice.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

11.5 (Released Dec 21, 2016)

  • NEW: Speak alerts. Enable push notifications for VeraMate to be spoken aloud - enable via settings/Alerts/Speak Alerts.
  • Enhancement to ensure WiFi is chosen whenever possible.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

11.4 (Released Nov 21, 2016)

  • Temporarily disabling google drive as the API used is no longer supported.

11.3 (Released Nov 16, 2016)

  • Workaround for an iOS10 UITextfield bug - login password won't freeze for more then 15 characters.
  • Fix display issues for changing button icons
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

11.2 (Released Sep 27, 2016)

  • NEW: Add and remove pincodes for locks.
  • NEW: Scene schedules can now be enabled and disabled. Currently only available for devices using popup control screens on the home page.
  • BUG: Window covering on UI7 not being recognised properly on some systems.
  • BUG: Alerts disappearing from notification center when not showing app page.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

11.1 (Released Sep 24, 2016)

  • Work around for some connection issues resulting from misconfigured Micasaverde servers. This should alleviate some users experiencing connection issues.

11.0 (Release Aug 8, 2015)

A UI theme rewrite - start of new UI themes to allow for better styling across the app. Try out the new colors via Settings, Themes/App Theme.

  • BUG: Sections not appearing properly in the button list.
  • Preparations for iOS10.
  • Miscellaneous updates and bug fixes.

10.13 (Released July 6, 2016)

  • Ability to style the home page section headers. Note: This can be changed via settings/themes.
  • Miscellaneous updates and bug fixes.

10.12 (Released June 8, 2016)

  • Fix connection issues for some users who have multiple veras.

10.11 (Released May 31, 2016)

  • Handle further UI7 connection issues.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.

10.10 (Released May 17, 2016)

  • Basic support for the harmony remote control.
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes

10.9 (Released April 27, 2016)

  • Better support for nest connect on UI7
  • Alert configuration options: ability to disable badge, and set the maxium history to retain
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes

10.8 (Released March 11, 2016)

  • Device rows and tiles will now show the state change background colour (pending/running/error).
  • Fix issue with Apple Watch controlling normal on/off devices

10.7 (Released Feb 23, 2016)

  • Support for more thermostats.
  • All thermostats with heat/cool ability should be detected properly and be able to control each setpoint individually.
  • Ability to swipe left/right through room lists.
  • All generic devices can be added to the homepage.
  • UI enhancements for generic device view.
  • Stop sound detection pausing music on startup.
  • Miscellaneous bug and ui fixes.

10.7 (Released Feb 23, 2016)

  • Support for more thermostats.
  • All thermostats with heat/cool ability should be detected properly and be able to control each setpoint individually.
  • Ability to swipe left/right through room lists.
  • All generic devices can be added to the homepage.
  • UI enhancements for generic device view.
  • Stop sound detection pausing music on startup.
  • Miscellaneous bug and ui fixes.

10.6 (Released Feb 17, 2016)

  • Fix issues with voice control.
  • Better image handling for devices.
  • Support more thermostats which were having problems showing correct setpoints and/or fan mode.
  • Ability to override the metric value for a thermostat.
  • Better VirtualClock plugin support, to have configurability for triggering scenes based on a time.
  • Preset mode to poll for state change.
  • Ability to now configure a background colour for a selected preset mode (via settings/themes).
  • Minor UI issues.

10.5 (Released Feb 10, 2016)

  • Fix a reliability issue with GeoFencing.
  • Handle Micasaverde server problems by switching to the backup server (UI5).
  • Memory enhancements.
  • Miscellaneous bug and stability fixes.
  • Extra GeoFencing diagnostic information.

10.4 (Released Feb 4, 2016)

  • Fix image and buttons not working for alarm panel on homepage.
  • Fix an issue where the preset mode is not selected correctly.

10.3 (Released Jan 14, 2016)

  • Fix backwards compatibility issue with GeoFences and pre iOS9.
  • Fix issue with popup control not working for sensors.

10.2 (Released Dec 16, 2015)

GeoFencing now supports iOS9.

10.1 (Released Dec 5, 2015)

  • Bug: Fix voice activation for scenes.
  • Diagnostic information - due to some server outages, a lot of users experience issues connecting to their Veras. This release tries to rectify some problems this cause within VeraMate, as well as showing diagnostic information of what is happening in the background, to better assist you understand what is happening.
  • Fixes for switching between different Vera boxes.
  • Miscellaneous bug and stability fixes.

10.0 (Release Nov, 2015)

Large UI update with a lot of underlying UI changes. Multiple button styles, custom lists (allowing, for example, to create a list of certain lights, which only show when any are activated), and more.

9.8 (Released 27th Oct, 2015)

  • Fix google drive connection.
  • Better voice control handling.
  • Add thermostat buttons to home page.
  • Webcam button shows view on main iPad screen.
  • Show wattage as integer to fit on screen.
  • Show working indicator on Apple Watch.
  • Miscellaneous bug and stability fixes.

9.7 (Released 1st Oct, 2015)

  • Initial support for French language.
  • BUG: Fix voice control for upgrade issue.
  • BUG: Login validation against correct vera if one exists locally.
  • Support for more thermostat plugins.
  • Miscellaneous bug and stability fixes.

9.6 (Released 12th Sep, 2015)

Introducing multiple new language translations ! Swedish, Russian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (simplified).

  • NEW: Allow new setting for controlling home page buttons via a popup - new ability to control dimmable controls via homepage
  • Fix preset mode activation using GeoFencing
  • Support for more thermostats / fix issues
  • Bug removing today widget items
  • Miscellaneous bug and stability fixes

9.5 (Released 19th Aug, 2015)

  • Fixes for webcams PTZ and some manufacturers thermostats.
  • Fix push notifications for new users.
  • Webcam can be viewed on Apple Watch.

9.4 (Released 7th Aug, 2015)

  • NEW: show web cams on main screens.
  • Further performance checks for Apple Watch, to minimise traffic required to show data.
  • Ability to use more generic IP web cams by entering the full URL which will retrieve a snap shot.
  • Attempt to support more thermostats.
  • Configuration option to turn off button animations due to a framework issue affecting some users.
  • Web cam PTZ buttons now more responsive.

9.3 (Released 21st July, 2015)

  • PresetModes fix - certain situations still exist where the synchronization failed.
  • Alerts button now have configuration to show "always", not just when alerts are found.
  • iPad now also supports reordering on left detail screen.
  • New configuration options in settings, for backgrounds. Change opacity and black/white fades to better show against buttons.
  • Recent UI7 firmware change for "multi state button" is now supported.
  • Better handling some situations when downgrading from UI7 back to UI5.
  • Clearing of temporary files which have taken up disk space.

9.2 (Released 8th July, 2015)

Now with better control. Design your Apple Watch layout via the new settings/Apple Watch Layout area.

Homepage UI:
VeraMate has gone through a complete rewrite of the UI layout. You now have a lot more control on the VeraMate homepage (not device view).

  • Sort and move buttons in any order.
  • Add new home page screens - flip left and right for more displays.
  • Add new sections.
  • Control button sizes per section.

Additionally, multiple enhancements have been made, including:

  • Apple Watch performance fixes.
  • Configuration backup now stores user background images.
  • Some buttons now attempt to show images via json configuration.

9.1 (Release 26th June, 2015)
  • Apple Watch upgrade stability fixes.
  • Apple Watch upgrade to work with iOS8.2.
  • Miscellaneous UI enhancements.
  • Better support for UI7 changes with thermostats.
  • Support for GCAL3.
  • Confirm showing password on login for multiple failures.
  • Support for Vera username case sensitivity bug in UI7.
  • Fix inability to disable voice control "speak reply".

9.0 (Release 27th May, 2015)

Introducing the availability of VeraMate for Apple Watch as a new in-app purchase.

Also, many miscellaneous changes, including:
  • ** Fix crashing for users of iOS6.
  • Voice control with keyword activation new allows keyword and command in separate consecutive requests.
  • Background activation of GeoFence for UI6/7 users works after the 24 hour session reset.
  • Better Today widget support with VeraMate running in background.
8.14 (Release 11th May, 2015)
VeraMate now supports Google Drive. Save and load configuration into your Google Drive across multiple devices (via Settings/Configuration)

  • Enhanced settings screen for a better experience.
  • Preset mode should be quicker to show changes
  • Off command works for Voice Control
  • Blank Today Widget bug affecting some users
  • Better support for UI6/7 when activating GeoFences
  • Better support for Harmony Remote
8.13 (Release 13th April, 2015)
Major changes have been made to iBeacon handling to improve responsiveness. Customized polling is now available via the settings menu. To prevent battery depletion, this defaults to 10 seconds - raise or lower depending on your requirements.

  • Remove iOS8 only code to allow iOS6/7 updates again.
  • Connection issues fixed when the user has no valid login for a VERA controller on the current network.
  • GCAL3 support.
  • Support for dimmable plugins (eg, Wink), that don't follow normal methods.
  • Miscellaneous UI and stability fixes.
8.12 (Release 4th April, 2015)
  • New button in settings to reboot physical Vera box.
  • Bug: Some buttons still fire twice (previously fixed for scenes).
  • Bug: Confirmation not working when control buttons disabled.
  • Bug: Favorites not always appearing on restart.
  • Better support for UI6/7 with GeoFence triggers.
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes/UI tweaks.
8.11 (Release 24th March, 2015)
  • A "connection refreshing" fix affecting some UI6/7 users.
  • Show currently selected preset mode (UI6/7).
  • Increase maximum possible range of a GeoFence.
  • Allow voice control of curtains/window covering using percentages.
  • Bug causing some buttons to fire twice. This is unfortunately still occurring for some users. To be fixed asap.
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes.
8.10 (Release 14th March, 2015)
  • Fix possible timing issue causing some UI7 connection refresh failures.
  • Fix confirmation not working while selecting device buttons.
  • Prevent high background usage due to always on voice control.
8.9 (Release 7th March, 2015)
  • Stability fixes, some minor UI tweaks.
  • Bug: Control button layout issue for smart switches/door locks.
  • Bug: Fix crash when using a personal icon package.
  • Bug: Fix button control being disabled on startup for iPad.
  • Bug: Fix configuration problem preventing voice control working for some users.
8.8 (Release 27th Feb, 2015)
  • The VeraMate today widget is finally here! Please read the FAQ for instructions on setting up.
  • Allowing dimming to a percentage via voice control.
  • BUG: Fix issue with preset mode crashing the app.
  • BUG: A problem was found for some users with more then one UI7 VERA not connecting properly due to a timing issue.
8.7 (Release 24th Jan, 2015)
  • NEW: Buttons for UI6/7 preset modes. Unfortunately a small bug made it in this version preventing this button from working for most users. A fix will be out asap.
  • NEW: GeoFencing now has a setting for a battery optimisation level to allow control over how much battery is used in attempting to get an accurate location.
  • BUG: Fix issue with user credentials not persisting.
  • BUG: Prevent log files growing too large.
  • BUG: Prevent logon issue for UI6/7 not recognising a username with mixed case.
  • UI6/7 connection issues stability enhancements.
  • Further battery optimisations and accuracy enhancements for GeoFencing.
8.6 (Release 14th Jan, 2015)
  • NEW: By default some devices now use buttons for control - this can be configured via settings. Allowing better support for X10 devices.
  • More geofencing battery optimisations.
  • Increase camera refresh rate (configurable in settings).
  • Fix some issues when switching between multiple veras.
  • Multiple stability enhancements.
8.5 (Release 31st December, 2014)

Just in time for a new year present !

A major enhancement has been done to the geofencing to minimise battery usage, and allow better detection. This will decrease the amount of battery usage, but reports have shown it still uses more then we want. Another patch is about to go to Apple which further decreases battery usage. ** Please note, turning on WiFi will increase accuracy.

Voice commands may have had a low detection rate as the accent was set to be "British". This will default to "American", and can be changed in the main settings to either British, Australian, American, or Indian accents.

BUG: A small number of users were affected by invalid login credentials after previous upgrades, which prevented the credentials persisting.

Lastly, Happy New Year!

8.4 (Release 9th December, 2014)

Voice control has been re-activated.

  • NEW: Basic pan and tilt functionality for webcams
  • NEW: Better support for more temperature sensors
  • BUG: GeoFence accuracy enhancements

8.3 (Release 25th November, 2014)

New Room & Zones icon pack from world class designers available for purchase. Including a better interface for choosing different icons.

  • BUG: Fix problem overriding custom background photo without restarting.
  • NEW: Support for thermostat override

8.2 (Release 15th November, 2014)

  • BUG: GeoFence crashing when deleting all fences
  • Better WiFi/3G detection with iOS8
  • Further GeoFence location verifications.
  • Allow VeraMate to be activated by using custom url from 3rd party apps: veramate://

8.1 (Release 8th November, 2014)

  • BUG: Bring back support for iOS6
  • BUG: Revalidate geofence before triggering when possible
  • NEW: Active lock smart button
  • Misc bug fixes

8.0 (Release 25th October, 2014)

Major new functionality: VeraMate 8 brings a huge amount of new changes. This includes IOS8 support to re-enable GeoFencing and Push Notifications.

Voice Control ! It's here. Currently only supporting English, but speak your command to have VeraMate carry out your wish. ** In appreciation for our users support, Voice Control is currently available for free (limited for Free Edition). Although unlikely, it may require an in-app purchase to use in the future due to server processing costs. **

iBeacons! Indoor sensing at it's coolest. Activate your devices as you walk through you home. More support and features will be coming in future versions. This is currently in BETA - we will be collecting feedback to better enhance support for upcoming updates.

Too many fixes/features to list here, but a couple of main ones:

  • NEW: Passcode lock for local VeraMate access (to stop curious hands)
  • NEW: Prevent some switches from appearing in the "active list"
  • NEW: Customize background pictures.
  • NEW: Ability to change icons/backgrounds straight from a photo
  • Fixes for iOS8 support for GeoFencing and Push notifications. ***If it is still not working, please check VeraMate has access from your iPhone location services.

7.5 (Release 30 September, 2014)

  • Emergency fix for a missed forced logout issue

7.4 (Release 25 September, 2014)

  • Fix issue with some users being logged out when app is run in background.
  • GeoFence accuracy and reliability fixes

7.3 (Release 8 September, 2014)

This release is predominantly a bug/stability fix. Multiple changes to further handle the new MMS authentication servers and improve connection handling. There are also some GoeFence tweaking to attempt to improve accuracy for certain situations only, and double the maximum fence size.

7.2 (Release 12 August, 2014)
  • Fix UI6 session refreshing not automatically occurring
  • Prevent app logging out when a GeoFence scene is activated in the background
  • Stop duplicate notification alerts when selecting from iPhone notification centre
  • GCAL icons
  • Add further diagnostics for better support
7.1 (Release 2 August, 2014)

Icon customization changes which disappeared will be retrieved (due to the path becoming invalid with an upgrade). New customizations will stop disappearing with upgrades in the future. Again, apologies to users this affected.

Other minor bug fixes/enhancements.

  • New "buddy" package icons.
  • Battery usage tweaks for GeoFencing.
  • Show better login error messages if unable to connect.
  • Miscellaneous stability and bug fixes.

7.0 (Release 21 July, 2014)

Introducing GeoFencing - setup virtual barriers which automatically trigger scenes when you cross.

Among other changes:

  • More support for the unannounced changes that were done to UI6 servers by Micasaverde
  • Look at speeding up certain attempts to determine UI6 server connections on startup.
  • And other UI and stability changes

6.2 (Release 8 July, 2014)

Emergency update to fix the UI6 connection and UI issues which occurred after the Vera server upgrades. VeraMate will make every attempt to support UI6, but please be aware that UI6 is BETA firmware, and do not recommend upgrading to it (as these unannounced changes by Vera testify).

  • Additionally: Rudimentary support for backing up user settings. On upgrade the settings will be backed up, and can be backed up/restored from the settings menu. This may be enhanced/extended in the future.
  • Support for more Alarm Panels devices.

6.1 (Release 1 July, 2014)

  • BETA support for push notifications. Please stay tuned, and view the FAQ page.
  • Some icons weren't showing their state change properly.

6.0 (Release 21 June, 2014)

Major update to VeraMate. The changes all centre around being able to change the icon for each individual device. Enter edit mode (by holding down a button), and enter the new setup screen for any device to change icons for the different states. Eg, use a different icon for ON/OFF states.

VeraMate 6 also introduces the ability for 3rd party icon packages. There are currently 4 community packages which are available to download inside VeraMate (these are not part of VeraMate, and have been made available by users). Get in touch if you would like to contribute your own icon package.

Among the many other changes:

  • Increased support for SONOS
  • Display the battery indicator
  • Support for the Fortrezz garage door opener
  • And a multitude of other UI and stability changes

5.9 (Release 27 May, 2014)

  • Show HVAC state
  • Increase watt font size for better readability
  • Decrease "active" room badge size

5.8 (Release 19 May, 2014)

  • Bug: Fix bug on certain devices where the help is unable to be hidden, preventing any further usage of the app.
  • New: Show wattage on applicable devices.
  • New: Show badge on rooms with active devices (switches).
  • Bug: Fix webcams caching wrong image when multiple cameras are on screen.
  • Bug: Fix temperature change bug on thermostat with single temperature devices.

5.7 (Release 21 April, 2014)

  • Only show upcoming scenes specified in settings when viewing schedule via the smart button.
  • Show the connection type (wifi/3g) in vera box details under settings.
  • No need to show negative temperature values for thermostat.
  • Update scene icon for better resolutions.
  • Support for GCal plugin
  • Bug: Guest login problems in some circumstances.
  • Bug: Fix activating a button which has no parameters meaning the command was lost.

5.6 (Release 11th April, 2014)

  • NEW: Ability to change background image to list of preset options. Custom images not supported yet.
  • Bug: Make badges update in real time.
  • Allow sonos and other media devices to use the generic display screen to control devices.
  • Stability fixes.

5.5 (Release 4th April, 2014)

  • New: Allow different button sizes
  • Show what devices are controlled in a schedule
  • Bug: Fix schedule display in iPad
  • Bug: Network stability fixes
  • Bug: Arm "away" didn't arm on some alarm panels

5.4 (Release 31st March, 2014)

  • Fix crash bug for UI6 devices.
  • Show schedule of upcoming scenes. Viewed either through the settings, or a configurable smart button that appears when an event is within the specified time
  • Show badges for applicable buttons to show the number of items available
  • Rename scenes/rooms/devices
  • Move scenes/devices between rooms
  • Miscellaneous fixes

5.3 (Release 28th March, 2014)
Even more anchor abilities for your favorites.

  • NEW: iOS7.1 support
  • New: Ability to anchor sensors to main page
  • Anchor alarm panels to the main page
  • Anchor virtual switches to the main page
  • Better support for virtual switches
  • Show current temperature for heating
  • Update window covering icon
  • Ability to change anchor/confirmations for anchored devices
  • Ability to see other non controlled device generic detail screen (i.e., AV)
  • Add sensor voice synthesis
  • Turn on voice synthesis for anchored main page devices
  • Increase fault tolerance for UI6 login
  • Bug: Sometimes devices were shown as being in incorrect room if devices were hidden
  • Bug: Low battery warning still showing if hidden devices had low battery
  • Bug: Window curtains anchor state fix
  • Bug: Hide "refresh" note on the detail screen for iPad
  • Bug: Fix UI6 to connect to vera locally rather then 3G
  • Miscellaneous fixes

5.0 / 5.2 (Released Feb 26, 2014)
This release includes fairly large UI changes. Some under the cover, some visible. I'm quite excited by this release as includes a lot of cool stuff.

  • NEW: Ability to hide devices that you don't want to be controlled or viewed.
  • NEW: Ability to "anchor" favourite devices to the start page. These are currently limited to some switches that have an ON/OFF state. Others currently aren't support (but will be in the future).
  • Anchors may be one of:
    • Always appear
    • Only show when they are "active/on", or
    • Only when they're off
         For example, when an Alarm or Lock is triggered/opened, it will be displayed.
  • Ability to force a "confirmation" on any device - this will prompt the user with a simple confirm/cancel before continuing, to prevent any inadvertent activations. I've accidentally set my alarm off too many times after coming home with "happy" fingers.
  • Remote vera guest control allowed - a prompt will now be displayed to enter a remote URL.
  • Slight spacing changes to maximize screen real-estate.
  • Other minor tweaks/stability fixes. Including
    • Shows the name of the vera box for the "My Home" section (useful when connecting to multiple boxes). Change this in settings if you don't wish to see it. (NB: This has changed again in 5.1 - the name of your box will replace the "VeraMate" title instead, so you can easily discern between multiple boxes)
    • Icon change for active lights.
    • Free version icon changes.

Checkout our facebook page to see an example of the new anchored buttons:


There are a couple of known issues
  • You may notice scenes (if anchored to the main page), don't always appear to go back to a "non-running" state. This appears to be a bug in Vera, as some state updates aren't received, but this is still being investigated.
  • The "confirmation" ability on devices doesn't currently work on devices which have a custom layout (for example, arm/disarm buttons etc) "Anchored" buttons cant yet be configured from the main page - ie, confirmations disabled/enabled, change anchor state (always, when on, etc). .
  • Remote login is not appearing when logging on via 3G - fixed for 5.1 (Log onto a wifi temporarily to fix).

The roadmap for version 5 is to make the UI even neater and slicker. This will include work to enhance the new 5.0 UI components, and more work on device buttons to not only allow image customization per device, but enhance animation and the general feel of the UI. The iPad version will also undergo more of a major rework on some of the UI.